We’ve held hands before, when he’s needed help managing a big step, or when we’ve traversed a parking lot, but he’s not usually the one to initiate holding.  A few days ago, as Andy pushed him in the stroller, Tuck offered his chubby, tanned fist to me and asked, “Hand?”  He held his arm out, finger tips extended as though they were antennae through which love entered and exited his body, and he slipped his hand into mine, squeezing tight.  I hope the emotional pull of that small gesture is never diminished.



Christy said...


The Shelton Family said...

I love it. Well said...as usual.


Beth Ann said...

Oh, do I love this photo! And I too, smile from the inside out when the boys take my hand first.

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Has Tucker been holding hands with the cute chicks at Parent's Day Out School? Just curious.


P.S. I also feel happiness when I see "Nothumbs", our pet spider monkey, place his prehensile tail around Grandma Sandy's hand.

Debi said...

Awe.. so sweet.. smart with a loving, gentle heart. He has the best parents!

Miriam said...

Hand holding is one of the best things about parenthood :) Love the pic!