Words hover on the tip of my tongue fingers, but I withhold them because I know they will sound as bitter as they taste.
I try not to waste much time feeling bitter. I don’t want any life but my own. Really, I don't.
I just want her to have one too.
We need a cure for Batten Disease immediately, if not sooner.
One way you can help find it is by placing a Thirty One Gifts order (through Heather Sola) before the end of the month.  Twenty five percent of each purchase will go to BDSRA to fund research (see the Current Fundraisers tab for more info). 
I chose square utility totes for Celie and Tuck to use as Easter baskets this year.



Christy said...

I know. And I'm so sorry. Hold her close.

Joyce Donahue said...

None of my words can comfort you or yours.....but I know your love will carry you through a most impossible time.

The Wendels said...

You know it frustrates us that we can't fix this for you. But we can listen/read. If you want to vent, spew your bitter words, or just scream we'll support you without judgment.