Biggie Tolls

Sometimes Grandma Jan throws a little Mister in front of Tollie's name, and Andy and I both laugh, because that was our band director's name.  We're equally guilty of calling him a variety of nicknames.  Occasionally we shorten James Tolliver to JT.  Often via text or email we refer to him as T2, probably because we've been abbreviating Tucker as T for so long.  And sometimes we just call him Fat Baby.

Really, we're so glad to call him ours.


Groves said...

Mister T,

could you




How is anyone in the world supposed to function with this much cuteness around??


*What* a little man.

Cathy in Missouri

courtney said...

I love fat babies and he is an especially cute one!

Poppy John said...

Did Kramer sell the (man bra) "BRO" in a baby size?

Jenni Baby,
Do you remember the farm calf we called "Robber" because he stole milk from ALL the other Mommas? Maybe you need to speak with your neighbors. T Jr. looks sneaky to me!


Audriana said...

Oh my goodness, is Tollie adorable! He looks so stinkin' huggable it makes me want to pick him up!