shouldless day

There are a lot of days when I wonder what I've accomplished, wonder where that other sock is. Sometimes I aim for a day when nothing actually needs to get done. Mostly to remind myself that my only goal, really, is to raise happy, kind humans.
Mostly to remind myself what a luxury it is to face long stretches with few transitions. Time to actually look at the faces I love so much.
So we eat apple slices in a cardboard box, name birds out the back window, bundle up to smell the static in the air, shake hands with new ideas, play with pantry staples.
When I relax enough to let go of what I should be doing, I tend to feel calmer and more engaged, imaginative and resourceful, even competent, maybe.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Light the end of the spaghetti, it will produce a small blue flame, much like a slow burning candle.
Don't burn the house down.


Susan Kadlac said...

A friend once told me "Thou shall not shouldst on thyself!" Good advice for all of us. You are doing a great job raising wonderful humans!