So, blogging...

seems like it will be a lot of fun. I’ve always been on the fence about it. On the one hand, it seems like a great way to keep people updated, especially since not all of our immediate and extended family and friends are geographically close. On the other hand, it does seem, well, a bit pretentious. But, if you enjoy the blog, great – glad to have you along. And if not, thanks for stopping by…

Obviously, the blog will feature Celia. She’s one epic baby. She’s nothing short of sunshine. She's pure goodness, crystallized. She, in my opinion, deserves to be chronicled in song and legend for centuries to come. Perhaps this blog will suffice.



  1. Take this as true affirmation of her incredible cuteness, little Sunshine Celia! Love, Aunt Linda

  2. This is a grandmother's dream come true! Until I get better at posting pictures of my gleeful girl, please add Sideways Celia, and the beautiful spirit beside your back door...

    Love, G 'Ro

  3. I love what you've done! Celia is gorgeous! Give her a hug from Aunt Vicky, Uncle Adam and Cousin Vanessa. And send warm thoughts of love to Baby-On-The-Way!

  4. Jenni, Andy, Celia,
    Yeah! I can now get a Celia fix without the drive to Columbus. She is such a gorgeous redhead Can't wait to see her little Side Kick.

  5. Love it!
    Great idea. You are an awesome writer so I am looking forward to keeping up to date with the Betz Family Blog.

    Love You


  6. Celia is beautiful -- growing up so quickly! Congratulations on the baby news. . .she'll love being a big sister.
    Summer/John/Delaney/John Nick

  7. I think this is a wonderful way to share sideways Celia with the world. She is such a delight!

    Love, Grandma Jan