Wild, Wonderful

We went to visit Poppy John and Grandma Sandy in West Virginia for a couple days. Poppy John put in new playground equipment for me to play on -- this is "Sharkie." He also built a tree swing, but I preferred swinging with him by the pond.

After playing outside, I needed to take a bath, and Poppy John and Grandma Sandy have a big red bathtub; I love the water.
I could even watch the cows from the bathtub.
I had fun in West Virginia, playing outside and in the big red tub. I watched "Porch Cat" the kitty through the glass, and Grandma Sandy got me princess cookies, and let me play with her fancy doll. I can't wait to go back to visit again soon.



  1. What fun! Celia is incredibly blessed to be loved by so many! I'm sure watching the cows while taking a bath made for interesting conversation. :)

  2. Celia's collection of naked baby bathtub pictures is growing... how does a grandmother capture this blog and save each wonderful moment?

  3. I love the red tub! And how cool to watch cows while you play in the water! She is truly a water-lover. There can't be too many little girls who get to play in big red bathtubs!

    What a lucky girl!

    Grandma Jan