What a Re*leaf*

Celia participated in her first presidential election yesterday, and by participated I mean she went to our polling station and sat in her stroller and waited patiently in the short line and made only a few quiet noises as we pushed the buttons and then played with her sticker when we were done. We grabbed coffee for the walk home, and spent a few minutes playing in the leaves before heading back inside.
Today's news is likely captivating most people, and whether it makes you smile or kick the cat, I imagine many of us can agree that it's nice to be done with TV ad torture and too many phone calls from politicians, middle of the day doorbell rings that interrupt nap time and all the yard signs littering lawns...
Here at our house, we're relieved that election season is over, and we're proud to live in this country.


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  1. Such beautiful days for being outside... Celia and I enjoyed watching the leaves swirl down on our walk the other day...