Wish I May

I grew up believing that eyelashes were lucky. Today I found a stray eyelash atop one of Celia's rosy cheeks, and remembered the childhood game -- if you lost an eyelash (it's not the same if you pull one out on purpose!) you could close your eyes and blow the lash off your fingertip, and your wish would come true.

Celia's lashes are fairly ordinary - brown, with lighter red tips. They're not the kind of lashes that are going to enter the room before she does. You know the kind I mean. Maybe she'll use her own lost lashes for those kind of wishes someday...
I look forward to lots more lost lashes and shooting stars and birthday candles and ladybugs for Celia to wish on! And I'll be using all the wishing methods I can find to wish that all her wishes come true...


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  1. There's a wishbone on the window sill in our kitchen... and now I know who it's for!