the other two

If you've spent any time around Tucker lately, you know that he carries around a huge book of Mad Libs and a pencil, politely asking anyone who'll listen if they have time to play with him.
Like most seven year old boys, his favorite adjectives are silly words, smelly and naked and stupid.  And he encourages verbs like fart and nouns like zombie.
Vulgarity aside, I see most of it as proof that Tuck has a fairly solid handle on parts of speech, plus a good sense of humor.
Special thanks to friends and family who have played along.
And in addition to games of peek-a-boo and rounds of I take my little hands and go clap, clap, clap, Hank's new show comes on any time anyone eats near him.  He demands to be fed, even if he just had his own meal. The noises he makes are hilarious. And LOUD. He cannot be ignored. Or denied.
A friend pointed out recently that his initials - CHB - almost spell Chub.  It's fitting.  And since she mentioned it, we've called him Chubs kind of a lot.
He is not yet nine months old and weighs 27 pounds.
Grandpa said Hank's thighs are like loaves of bread.  I am pretty sure his size has contributed to my back pain, but I love everything about him, especially his rolls.  And his waves!

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  1. Jenni Baby,

    You and Andy sure have three handsome boys!

    And, your blog is a wonderful piece of history.

    I believe my parents took a picture of me every 4 or 5 years. (?) So, along with any school pictures they were "willing" to buy...there are a total of about 7. I was lucky to have never been kidnapped and the cops needing a "recent" photo. I can hear my mom saying, "Here, just draw a beard and some wrinkles on this one."