love, made tangible

When I was little, my mom used to say things like "We're having grilled cheese for lunch," as she served it with a side of tomato soup.
(of note: I once missed gymnastics, a beloved activity, because I sat at the table for hours, refusing to take even one bite of tomato soup. And yet I wonder where Tolliver gets his stubborn streak...)

These days Mom says things like, "Oh, you'd rather have peanut butter and jelly! Would you like that sandwich cut into stars or hearts?"
What I'm getting at here is that she tends to spoil the boys.
Case in point: her third quilt, this one for Charles Hanley.
Hank wraps up in it almost as snugly as he's wound himself around RoRo's finger.

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  1. Oh, Jenni, I needed to learn so much -- and you had to go first. I'm sorry for all the mistakes I made (tomato soup fiasco and others) and I hope you remember that sometimes I cut your fried bologna sandwiches exactly the way you wanted them (even as I fibbed about all the vitamins being in the crust.)
    Your boys are easy to love and fun to be with, and my heart just melts whenever Hank takes my hand, or I earn a smile from Tolliver, or Tucker hugs me good-bye. God willing, you & Andy will have wonderful, appreciative grandchildren to spoil!