easy to please

Hank wrote a letter to Santa recently.  He has not wavered in his solitary request for a toothbrush, preferably green or blue, since mid-October.

He made an ornament at church a few weeks ago, with red and white beads on a bent pipe cleaner.  He likes to admire it on the tree, and keeps calling it a candy corn. We haven't corrected him. Its hard to learn all the right words from one holiday to the next!

There was water on the floor in the dining room yesterday, and Hank stood in the middle of the puddle, drink cup in hand, hollering about how he'd been trying to google but he wasn't good at it yet and he'd only practice in the bathtub till he got better. I handed him a towel and he took care of the mess, no big deal.

Speaking of puddles, he's been potty-training. And he's been talking about poop a LOT. With so much attention to bathroom stuff, it was surprising and particularly funny to hear him declare with astonishment, in the tub with Tolliver, my butt has a crack in it?!

He loves to type documents on the computer, using all caps and mostly Hs and Bs. He looks for his letters everywhere, and just today found an H in the "Holds" section at the library. We were there to make gingerbread houses with his sweet friends Lanie and Josie, whom he's taken to calling "Janie," like they're a unit.

He is recovering from an ear infection, and has been carrying around a snot rag for at least a month, wiping at his nose. None of this seems to slow him down. At all.
Like he can still accomplish more in a few unsupervised minutes than most adult humans do all day.

He asked for hot tea at breakfast today, with lots of honey, having seen me make a to-go mug for big brother's cold walk to school.
I can handle sleepless nights and small messes, hot tea with honey and new blue toothbrushes.
And I am glad he is mostly so easy to please.

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  1. Jenni Baby,
    Hank and I have a lot in common. When Sandy puts raspberries on all of my finger tips...I am also easy to please. What a treat!