For the Love

I love you, I love you, I love you. The words tumble effortlessly from our mouths, again and again.
I hesitate hardly a second before hauling her into my arms. I lean in closer so as to breathe the scent of her hair. I notice the tiny rolls in her neck and feel the bony points of her shoulder blades, terrain I've mapped before.
There are certain details I wish I could freeze in amber: the red ringlets at the nape of her neck, her iridescent pink fingernails, and those eyebrows, raised as if they've had help from a forklift!

And Andy is no less guilty. Celia. He balances her name lightly on his tongue, as if it's made of feathers, and when he whispers in her ear, the words - so comforting, so full of love - sound like they're covered in blankets. Entire conversations take place in silence between the two of them, because the heart has it's own language. And he will wish to remember everything she says, even though she doesn't say a word.

I love you. Three little words. One huge truth.



  1. Jenni Baby,

    What wonderful insights. You and Andy are blessed in ways to numerous to enumerate.

    Love to all 4,

  2. Only you could take a parent's love and put it so eloquently. Thank you for giving me reason to take a minute or 2 to reflect.

  3. I marvel at your ability to put words to a parent's love for a child. You weave a tapestry of the wonder of the Celia-gift you have been given.

    Poppy John is right; you are blessed. As we all are in being part of your family. I'm sure Baby Betz can't wait to join the circle!

    Grandma Jan