Rub A Dub

I understand the words "bath time" may evoke about as much excitement in you as say "nasal decongestant," but humor me here. At our house, bath time is often the highlight of Celia's day. Which, in turn, is a highlight of our day, too.
Andy and I have entirely different methods of bathing...I use a washcloth, he uses a loofah. I choose a couple bath toys, he throws them all in the tub. I use a little soap and am careful around her face, he uses lots of soap and piles suds on her head. Andy's bathing method often requires an extra towel to mop up water that splashes out of the tub, but his ways also seem to elicit more smiles, so I sure don't complain.



  1. And coincidently I was also thinking of a bathtime post . . . :) I realized a couple weeks ago that it has been a year since Vanessa's last. Bathtime is great fun for us too! We should let the girls bathe together before they get too big and it becomes weird. :)

  2. I remember a certain little boy and his brother who used to pile suds on their heads and various body parts to amuse and outdo each other. Baby Betz has lots to look forward to!

    What is it about little people and bathtub pictures that we love so much? It must be the absolute wonder and innocence and love that surrounds that time of day and those moments in time.

    Grandma Jan