Week Off

We didn't intend for the blog to go silent.
We traveled to Iowa for the week, and got busy in the best ways.
We jumped on the trampoline and collected earthworms and visited the sculpture garden and watched movies and rode the tractor and learned karate and celebrated birthdays.  We shot guns and built shelves and painted nails and shared wine and stayed up way too late.
In typical spring fashion, the weather was warm and sunny one minute and cool and rainy the next.  In typical toddler fashion, the children played nicely one minute and, well, didn't the next.  There were big hugs and big tears when we left this morning.
It felt good to get away, and even better to spend time with friends.


  1. Yeah, so glad for a good getaway visit for you! You did miss some AWESOME record breaking weather here but well worth it to spend time with such precious friends!!!

  2. Looks like a fun time! That letter thing Tucker is under is really neat . . . what is it? I love Tollie's face in the picture with Ellie!

  3. Beth, I think we had the same weather in Iowa, just one day ahead of Ohio. The warm days were glorious! Vic, the "Nomade" made of scrambled steel letters (3 stories high!) is at the Pappajohn Sculpture Garden in Des Moines - neat place!!

  4. Jenni Baby,

    Vacation in Iowa???? WTH?

    You will end up with a bunch of pictures of tractors and see letters that don't spell anything!

    C&B need to move somewhere a little West Virginia.

    However your pics that included the "children of the corn" are remarkably special.


  5. I'm glad you all got away to spend time together and that you're back safely!