a timely word, from Tolliver

Trying to keep Hank both engaged and confined, we push his highchair up to the piano:
Put him down here. Hank likes to do the deep end.

Because, winter:
Sometimes I cough and my voice starts to sound crumbly.

To Tucker:
Stop, please.  You’re just tagonizing him. Hank does not like to be tangonized. 

After preschool recently:
Mom, do you know the story of Johnny Applesauce? My teachers told me.

After I said NO to something:
If how I feel were a monster, it would be SO BIG AND MEAN. 

Apropos of nothing:
I’m the only one in my class who can lift sixteen pounds. And I can do it with one hand. 

Trying a bite of Andy's lentil noodles:
Those are good in an “actually” kind of way. 

Near Halloween:
The goodie ghost came twice last week. When is she coming to BOO us again? 

Prepping paperwhites in mason jars:
So, when will these bulbs hatch? 

When I needed to move laundry through and asked him to keep an eye on Hank for a minute:
Sure mom, but I can keep both eyes on him for you.


  1. When there were recently five children in our van and I let them know that voices were a little louder than I could handle, Tollie let me know that there was an invisible ghost making some of the noise. 😂

  2. Christen,
    So...did you consider Tolliver may be telling you the truth? I'd sell the van, ASAP. I've heard similar loud volume noises when Tollie was in my the rear dump bed.

    Poppy's solution: they're just little kids, you are much bigger, duct tape their mouths.

  3. I'd like to add that we had to "put" Andy in the very back of our big van when he was growing up because of the noises he made to entertain himself and Adam.

    And Poppy John, now I know who left the big roll of duct tape at The Learning Tree all those years ago....... Mystery solved!

  4. Grandma Jan,
    No way you found my duct was "camouflage".