hope and peace and love and trust

After a particularly rough week, it was such a relief to feel so much love and support from a generous, caring crowd at the Battling Batten 5K Run & Family Walk. 
People gathered in real life and in spirit, surpassing previous race registration records.  The morning was brisk, the sun bright, the kind of day that feels warm and wide all at once.
We heard from so many folks, some who could be there and some who could not, about how they were remembering Celia on Sunday.
We are ever appreciative of all the small moments that help us feel somehow connected to a much larger shared experience.
We also found ourselves once again fascinated by the give and take between comfort and wonder, by the way the world can feel cozy and spacious in one fell swoop.
Hope and peace and love and trust, all the world is all of us.
For our boys, "all the world" is simply who they know and what they see and where they've been.
This event - these people - the combined hope?  Exactly the kind of world we want Celia's brothers to be alive in.
Thank you for being part of it.  We are grateful.
SPECIAL THANKS to Laura Hull for organizing this year's event.  An unbelievable force for good, she is.
None of these pictures are our own.  Apologies for not crediting them properly.
All the World is a wonderful children's book by Liz Garton Scanlon


  1. Rod and I add our appreciation for everyone who was with us in person or in spirit last Sunday. Thanks for sharing so many good pictures here!