Of Our Eyes

He asks for "apples" now, several times a day.  He steals into the kitchen, our honey-haired boy, sneaking apples from the counter.  And even though he only takes a few bites, we let him have another.  It's no problem to finish the apples he starts.  And it's a treat to watch him daydream while he snacks...


Adam and Vicky said...

Honeycrisp are the best! Vanessa has eaten so many these last few days that her digestive system is in overdrive. We've had a hard time distracting her with other foods! Maybe sometime in the future our schedules will jive well enough to allow us take the cousins together . . . glad you guys were able to pick too!

Debi said...

Awe!! One of my favorite snacks too! Such a cutie! It always makes me smile when you post his antics.
Love and hugs and prayers,

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