Self Time

We read parts of a parenting book a couple years ago that described the way young children spiral through periods of equilibrium.  When Tuck's behavior seems atypical - he's intense and disruptive and everything feels difficult - we try to remind each other that he's just working through a little disequilibrium, that sure as sunset these developmental quirks won't last forever.
Lately it's been interesting to watch Tucker realize that he's struggling, and to observe his strategies to regain balance.  After a particularly frustrating episode a few days ago, before we even had time to think about how we should respond to his behavior, Tuck said, "I'm just going to take some self time now in case you're not enjoying me."


Audriana said...

Oh gosh, how priceless is that!? If only all of us had such self-awareness :)

The Wendels said...

How is it a three year old is more insightful than most adults? What a special boy!

Groves said...

That child!

*IS* he a child?

Or more grown-up than most grown-ups in his little body??

Tuck, I'm going to borrow your line. I will have need of it soon, I feel sure.

He's a marvel,