I saw her face flash in his this morning, when his fingers were accidentally pinched in the dutch door hinge.  Fat tears sprang from his eyes and his features folded into the pain.  A current swept through me, holding his body and remembering her cries.

He practiced jumping into the pool today, shocking himself with brave capability.  His whole body vibrated with energy as he realized, proudly, that the only thing sinking was his anxiety. 

At dinner we all did our best not to let sparks fly.  He didn't want what we offered, and we just wanted him to try one bite.  We tried, hard, not to snap.  We all know what it's like not to get what you want.

One way to explain electricity to little people is by using an energy ball -- if everyone holds hands, the ball lights up and makes noise.  If there's a break in the circle, or if the wires in a circuit aren't "holding hands," nothing happens.

Another way to explore circuitry might be to let the little person tear apart old greeting cards.
Something's always happening here, even when it feels like our circle will never quite be complete.

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Nick and Erin said...

This post is a new favorite for me, Jenni! Your Tuck makes me think SO very much of my Ross. We seem to be partners, you and I, side by side on the front line of parenting a preschool boy...for your stories mirror mine. Love to you and your precious family!