as they grow, so do we

They're in our bedroom, studying stools lined up in some sort of obstacle course.  First walk up these two steps, then cross over to this one, then jump down.  Be careful though.  You did it!  Good job!

They're at the kitchen counter, warm pita in hand, both skeptical about the baba ganoush.  Sometimes it's hard to try something new, but you might like it Tols.  Just do a small dip.  How about you go first.  Do you like it?

Tuck has been such a big brother to Tollie lately, thoughtful and tender and proud.

They're out back, side by side in the hammock, and he's pointing to the sky.  See that cloud?  That one that looks like an alligator?  See it?

They're turning over rocks together, unearthing small shells.  These are snails.  They have slime.  It's like snot.  Here, hold this one.  Be gentle though.  Her name is Shelly.

They're both partially submerged in the old cattle trough, escaping hot air in cold water.  Let's blow bubbles, buddy.  Watch me.  Your turn!

They're playing ball, he's holding the bat while his brother is running away with the ball.  It's okay Tols, it's my turn to bat and then you can go.  But you have to throw me the ball first so I can have a turn.  Tollie!  Come back.


rht said...

Love these joy-filled photos.

MzLiz said...

This is such a lovely post.

The Wendels said...

I love that you capture their conversations....absolutely priceless!