reality filter

Social media is full of pictures of perfectly plated food and white puffy clouds.
Most of our meals are marginally photogenic at best, our fruit bowl is never full and our compost is overflowing.
Just to keep it real, we were changing bed linens at ten o'clock tonight, cleaning broken glass from the kitchen floor shortly thereafter.  I rarely remember to put on lipstick and frequently forget to pack essentials on outings.
Sometimes it rains around here.  And often our ice cream tastes too cold.


Christy said...

Cora hates baths, so she thinks swimming counts...so I agreed for about a week (until her hair started turning green.)

Adam and Vicky said...

I purposely take pictures of some of our biggest disasters so one day when the kids are scrolling through the pictures on thumb drives, they'll be reminded that things weren't always tidy and neat and perfect. :-)