Good Gourd

We planned to visit the pumpkin patch on Saturday, and although there was none in the forecast, we woke up to light rain.  We went anyway, and ended up having to hide from a hailstorm.  Eventually we made it onto the hayride and into the fields, without an actual pumpkin picking picture to show for it.
The boys rarely notice they're wet, or cold.  Or dirty.  They act as good reminders that I do not have to wish to make right what they may not even realize is wrong.  They happily climbed straw bale slides and navigated sunflower mazes, enjoyed searching for insects and eating fresh donuts with cousins.
^^^hard to believe this picture is from the same day, unedited


rht said...

Looks like fun!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Memories made today?

H-A-I-L Y-E-S !!!


P.S. Is that place like the one in West Virginia, where it's legal to hunt the goats?