stockpiling evidence that everything is okay {most of the time}

1.  trauma party #gmc #uptoolate
2.  #gorillagym
3.  to what was, to what never will be (Emma Lou Thayne)
4.  he is alive as much as his sister is gone #allthelight

5.  family service in the food pantry
6.  #hunteravenuepool
7.  coffee, a book and a quiet parked car
8.  this might be my most favorite picture
9.  matchbox cars for breakfast
10.  good to be home #sweetdreams

11.  pre Sugar
12.  post Sugar #nationalchamps
13.  snow rescue
14.  winter in the woods

15.  passing along the Woody letter
16.  bone lessons #gmc
17.  not my husband
18.  happy birthday
19.  so much to look at, so hard not to touch it #osubiodiversity
20.  #legacy dinner at the Boathouse

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rht said...

I really should check Instagram more often... hard to pick a favorite here!