yard sale

In physics class, and let’s be honest, late nights at the bar, we learned about billiard balls.  How to gauge the angle and line up the shot.  How when one ball hits another, the energy is transferred.  The way, in an instant, the cue ball stops and the other ball is propelled forward or sideways or at a slant.

People can do that too, transfer energy and propel each other forward.

At the yard sale to benefit Batten research over the weekend I saw it happen.  Two ladies ready to pay, arms full of infant items, explained they were shopping for things they could donate to a shelter for women and children.  Another couple came in search of books they could add to the local library where they volunteer.  As we were loading the truck at the end of the sale, one woman asked if she could take blankets and pillows to a homeless shelter.  More than one neighbor walked over not to shop but just to make a donation.  Plenty of people said to keep their change.  These things all served as reminders that even the smallest acts of kindness have a way of spiraling into so much more.
The world needs more people like the Wendels, more people whose energy gets others moving, more people whose faith that a cure will be found helps us believe it too.  There are too many families fighting a fatal diagnosis and trying to fundraise on the side.  The Wendels worked really hard to organize this event, and it was hugely successful.  Their family pocketed zero dollars, and they'll be giving close to $1100 directly to BDSRA.  


rht said...

Today's lesson at church was about loving God with all your heart and mind and soul, and loving your neighbor as yourself. Sounds simple, but it's not easy. Mary and Mike, and their kids, make it look easy though -- and I hope their lives are filled with the kinds of blessings they bring to others.

The Wendels said...

Last night you said you were having trouble finding the right words (I think you did great) and I assured you that none were needed. I've written, deleted and rewritten my comment at least 5 times; words have failed me today. So thank you for your kind words and let's make a plan to #fbatten again. Once my garage is back in order :)

Linda K. said...

Such a blessing to be able to count on dear friends!