a day at the fair

This cow could be the official Ohio State Fair mascot!
The sky glider was the only ride the boys asked to go on.
This kid built his own motorcycle, and these boys were full of questions.
We saw cowboys and dairy cows and butter cows and baby cows!
The Herbert Administration Building was named in honor of the Thomas whom Tucker was named after.
So many food choices - sno cones and ice cream and funnel cake and fresh squeezed lemonade...
I remember fishing at the ODNR pond when I was a kid.  Tucker wanted to release the fish he caught, but Tolliver let us bring his home, and we had fish tacos for dinner!


rht said...

I hope they'll remember fishing too! Good times... sooo glad I could go with you.

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
What a fun day!
I remember in 4th grade (Columbus Public Schools) there was a fair ticket in our year end grade card. My friend and I took the bus by ourselves...we had a blast. I don't think many moms allow their 9 year old kids to zip around unsupervised in Columbus anymore.

Tolliver reminds me of Aunt Kate...remember when we caught the big bass and she told you and me, "To take it home...cut it's head off...cook it...and eat it".

Next year, will the boys raise fair animals? Beef tacos???