I have a feeling he might end up choosing the "do more college" track

I am, admittedly, better at jotting down the things Tollie says.  But I've tried to collect a few gems from Tucker lately, too.

Looking at a map: Remember there’s a place called “skinny island”? Oh wait, I mean “Long Island.”

Answering Tollie's request to explain the difference:  Robots just do things they’re programmed to do. The difference is, androids are known for actually being intelligent. 

The human brain is like the Sunday paper, it has many folds and is full of facts.  Surely he read this somewhere.

bedtime stall tactic number one, engaging Dad: What if there’s another universe?

bedtime stall tactic number two, engaging me as I rub Aquaphor on his upper lip, busted when Tolliver threw a plastic dinosaur at his face:
I wonder what elements are in this medicine?

random questions:  What happens to clay when it gets burned?
and random observations:  Isn't it interesting that there are nine reindeer, just like there are nine planets?

I have a joke for you. What do you call a no good vegetable? A dead beet.  Maybe he heard this somewhere.

Do you know what heaven is actually, Tollie?  It’s not a human, it’s a place.  For dead people.  And there’s gonna be, like, everything you’ve always wanted.  I believe there’s everything there.

Playing airplanes with his brother, to one of the toy planes: Pop your wheels, genius! 
Tollie, to Tucker:  Hey, are you a genius?
Tucker: No. But I do have a lot of great ideas. 

Talking to a friend with an older brother in college:  When he’s done with college, is he going to get a job or do more college? 


rht said...

I confess. Tucker likes to read a book entitled The World's Worst Jokes when he visits our house.

Kristy G said...

Some days I wish I picked the do more college track. Work is for the birds!