life lately (the last one is my favorite)

1.  seven on the seventh #gardenofconstants
2.  after school special: building habitats
3.  where the wild things are #columbuszoo (also, #ourhouse)
4.  small boy, big work #fbatten
5.  waiting for one more
6.  not enough coffee

7.  date night
8.  brain blast 
9.  we walked five miles for donuts
10.  disguise the limit!
11. birthday dinner at La Tavola, meatballs and gelato
12.  spring 
13.  quickly becoming one of my favorite half hours all week
14.  Orton Geological museum, giant sloth

15.  we logged about 900 laps together since last fall #piscesbaby
16.  happy birthday at The Avenue #cameronmitchell
17.  favorite things party prep
18.  happy birthday at Tinker lab
19.  valentines day
20.  the woods at Wyman

21.  he knows how to wednesday
22.  leprechaun trap
23.  hello, Hank
24.  all the amens to the prayers for this life
25.  hope springs
26.  three #betzboys

and 27.  no words, just all the feels


KB said...

Oh my gosh... the last one. So perfect. Actually, both of the last two. :)


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Rather than spending all of your free time checking your iPhone...why don't you do something with those boys which is fun or educational?
Two more...basketball team!