I love getting to say Yes to him.

Mom, if we poke holes in the lid and give it some bugs to eat, can we keep this praying mantis till tomorrow?

Mom, can I take a treat in my lunch box today?  Maybe some Raisinets?

Mom, do you think you'd have time to get some new books from the library soon?

Mom, can me and Tollie stay outside for a bit after school?
Mom, I got my homework done and I practiced the piano.  May I have some screen time now?

Mom, can you make a math equation with a square root?  Like the square root of twenty five plus five is ten?

Mom, wanna hear some knock-knock jokes while you cook dinner?

Mom, could you scratch my back for me for a few minutes?

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Y-E-S (!)