Denver Adventure

Last Tuesday night it occurred to us that we could have a solid few days off together if Andy traded one shift and we allowed the boys to miss one day of school.
We are currently living in a space that is more confined than what we're accustomed to, so we thought why not wake each other up in a hotel room?
We spent a short time online looking for deals on flights, and landed on Denver.
We promised each other we'd maintain a sense of humor and bought the tickets.

We happened to arrive during a city-wide art festival, and several museums were offering free admission.  The boys enjoyed activities at the Denver Museum of Art and the Museum of Science and Nature.  We also went to the zoo and toured the US Mint.  The weather was fabulous, and we spent a ton of time outside.  We found playgrounds and libraries and coffee shops and a pizza place that offered brisket as a topping.  We enjoyed brunch and ice cream and happy hour and cookies and milk before bed.  All three boys were good travelers, mostly enthusiastic and generally good- spirited.  They have new stories about extreme mammals and flat stroller tires and the Rocky Mountains, and we all have a few nice memories of time together.


rht said...

Sooo many good pictures! Can't wait to hear all the stories that go with them....

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

WOW, the trip and pictures make my thoughts for Tolliver's birthday gift look pretty cheesy. As parents, you two are over the top.

Remember when you and Kate were small and we made you live in the backyard pup tent for three weeks while our house was being treated for the rat infestation(and it was February)? Your boys are very blessed.

Love your "big smile" picture!