The weather in Ohio has been... I don't even know? Warm, almost. Like what month is it?
Hank and I have been able to take a walk nearly every day.
Walking is not my only mode of transportation, but it is my peace of mind.
Speaking of transportation, vehicles are one of Hank's favorite parts of the walk. Those, and the snack he gets to choose - applesauce pouch, granola bar, banana bread, grapes, he gets to choose.
He talks the whole time, pointing at helicopters and looking for cats.
We sing - Jingle Bells and Jesus Loves Me, nondiscriminant and definitely not discrete.
He waves to dog walkers and delivery vans.
He likes to dictate what shape our walk will take, whether we should make four sharp turns to create a big square, or curved lines to make a giant oval.
Almost home after school pick up today, the alley was blocked by construction equipment. A dream come true for Hank, out of the stroller and up close to look. One guy moved cones to let us through while the dozer operator cut the engine. The gentlemen watched as Hank worked up the courage to jump over a (very small) puddle in the middle of the path. As he crouched down to ready himself, the guys hollered votes of confidence and then cheered for him after the leap.
He got his feet wet on purpose though - he has footprints to leave...


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Not "lion"...I am sure Hank is going to leave BIG footprints one day!


rht said...

Left foot, left foot, left foot, right
Feet in the morning and feet at night....