And I think to myself

There are moments when the globe feels shaken, like we're just drifting around, flaky and upside down.  There are also moments when contentment is like a blanket of snow and everything feels covered with a bright, seamless beauty.   These happier moments are small, but they're wonderful.


rht said...

And those happy moments are yours forever... I am so glad you are living in them.

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
It would be "wonderful" if you could have a long talk with that stupid "Tiger Mom" lady.
P.S. Yesterday, Grandma Sandy asked me, "How much money would it take," for me to eat the half eaten sandwich that we saw on the floor of our elevator. WTH?

zarniegall said...

I think Tucker might be Patch Adams one day...then he can thank his mother : )