And then we played in the woods

Before the sun rose, he called for me from his crib.  “Mama get. Tucker awake,” he emphasized the first syllable instead of the second, making his awake his own.  We walked to Celia’s room to let Colby out, passing the master where he peeked in.  “Daddy working,” he said, noting an empty bed.  Down the hall he got quiet, “Shh, Celie sleeping,” he whispered, his fingers to his lips as we opened her door.  “Celie all gone. Celie RoRo’s? Celie Pa’s?”  His words led to a conversation about where his sister slept overnight.  Satisfied with her whereabouts, he switched topics.  “Come Colby. Cookies,” he invited the dog downstairs for breakfast, and patted his head while I filled the bowls.  He pulled the refrigerator door open. “Milk. Reach it.”  Prompted, he added “Please.”  He sat on my lap, under a quilt in the leather chair, and requested ‘toons.  “TV on, okay?” he implored, pressing buttons on the remote.  We watched, and snuggled, a gentle start as daylight arrived.  And then he was off, tackling the day with whole-hearted devotion and unapologetic confidence.


zarniegall said...

Those boys...they are too much and love you with all of their heart! I love seeing what Tuck is up to!!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
That boy is just s-o-o-o cool and cute. I think that you should make him always wear a "mistletoe hat".
P.S. Yesterday I created a new drink. I call it, "Watching the Sound of Music with Grandma Sandy". It's straight Scotch.

The Wendels said...

Thank you for the glimpse inside your mornings.

Anonymous said...

Your blog really makes me swoon.