Five Guy

Five year celebrations culminated with family who enjoyed burgers with the birthday guy.  The cousins had fun with practical joke condiment bottles and junk food favors, trick candles and truck stop cupcakes.  And we heard from a handful of people who saw a rainbow on their way home that night.  We're convinced Celia sent Tuck that birthday gift!


The Wendels said...

Poppy John, that flame looks much bigger than it did in person. Is that some sort of secret grandparent power?

Poppy John said...


Look at the picture of Tolliver eating his cupcake...Y-O-U are the one with superpowers!!!

P.S. Just so you know, I am the one who goes through your outside trash at night...just looking for leftover goodies. YUM.

fishwendel said...

So YOU are the one we see out there at night! Mary's goodies - not too many leftovers as we gobble them all up!