Truck Stop, Tuck Go

Dear Tucker,
I really love you at five. I’ve loved you at all of your ages, but right now suits you so well. It’s like someone heard all my heart's desires and put them into one growing little boy. I love all that you are and everything you are becoming.
Instead of just imagining a middle for our beginning, I feel like we’re starting to live it; we're over infancy, past toddlerhood and into boy. You’ve begun to imagine your own middle too, the babies you’ll raise, the hobbies you'll have, the work that will keep you busy and happy. Right now you’d like to be a postman and a golfer. You've also mentioned working as a brain doctor or a muscle nurse, but you've declared the decision too hard to make just yet. I have faith that you'll find a good fit, in good time. Plenty of things come naturally to you, but your smile is my favorite.
You asked for a bank robber LEGO set for your birthday, although I'm pretty sure you'd have been thrilled with a roll of Scotch tape and a bucket of PVC joints. You requested your party be held at a truck stop. You also asked to have donuts for breakfast and pizza with a candle in it for dinner. And you said you'd really like to see a rainbow.

I love being your mama, Tuck. It's all been a little harder than I imagined, but so much better than I ever dreamed.
I'm hoping to do this middle part with you for a long, long time.

Bank robber LEGOs and pizza with candles.

We did not host a party at the truck stop.  Your dad did, however, arrange a tour at a local truck store. You were really interested in the control panel.  And in the bed.

Your dad also got a glass prism for you to make your own rainbows.
Go be brilliant, buddy.  You're well on your way.


Andrea Jene said...

A perfect birthday celebration for a 5 year old. The prism is such a perfect gift idea. I love reading your posts. They help me move past the parts that are harder than I imagined and hold on to the moments that are better than I dreamed.

Jonathan Carol said...

I agree with Andrea. That was a perfect way to celebrate his birthday! He got a lot of things from you guys – a bank robber Lego, a truck stop, delicious cake, and a glass prism to make his own rainbow. But in my opinion, the truck stop was the one he definitely enjoyed the most. You can easily see the excitement in his face while he was checking and playing around in the truck.

Jonathan Carol @ Utility Fleet

j-beda said...
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Rachel Wortis Beda said...

Please forgive this intrusion. I’m a professor of physics. I am trying to make a poster to advertise a course in physics for future elementary school teachers. I found a photograph of your son looking at a rainbow on the floor. I am wondering if you might possibly give your permission for me to use your photograph in this way. If you did, I would include at the bottom of the poster something like “Image copyright 2014 Betz family, used with permission.” If not, I understand entirely. It is a lovely photograph.
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