gloriously routine

Hey Tollie, come here!  I see an unusual bug on the window!

I see it.  And I see a shwir-girl (squirrel) outside!  You can't believe it?!  
He want be my friend, he want play trains with me… But he not have any hands, he not can play with me?  Oh, that be okay, I can still play with him, he like red train, I share it with him.  You want play too, Tucker?


Poppy John said...

Oh, Jenni...those two boys seem so advanced for their ages!
Tolliver's (age 2) vocabulary makes me feel "smartless".


Christy said...

Ditto Poppy John. Your boys are so bright. I'm sure the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :)

rht said...

Please, please set up your Mac to record some of these wonderful conversations -- while the T's don't know that they're "on."

Adam and Vicky said...

Cute! I'm with your mom -- it can be hard to be discreet but capturing audio too is just so wonderful! I also love finding the recordings ours leave on different devices, where they are recording themselves with no one else seemingly around. :-) We have a couple that will post next week!