another day

Many nights I tuck the boys into bed grateful for the day I spent with them, but glad that it is over.

Sometimes, though, there's one that I wouldn't mind reliving.  One that, if I could I would do the whole thing over again, exactly the same.  Well, except for that one part, maybe.
When I woke I felt a sudden temptation to participate in the end of summer scramble, to squeeze in as much as possible before the proverbial sun sets and school begins.  Except my ambition to do everything got tangled up with the freedom to do nothing, feelings taking turns almost as fairly as the boys were.
They played so well together all morning.  Tucker shared his puzzles, teaching Tollie how certain pieces could be interchanged.  Tollie invented a tent game with empty toy baskets and blankets and flashlights, and invited Tuck to join him.  They read books together side by side on the couch, Tuck sounding out words and Tols shouting about what he saw in the pictures.

And I did my best not to waste time wishing the day wouldn't get used up, not to worry we were missing out on something better.  Because the day did get used up, as days do, but in some really good ways.

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