Big K little k, what begins with K?

We walked Tucker to school this morning, peeling away from the rest of the pack to go up kindergarten hill.  I leaned over his head, reminding him once more of the paperwork inside his backpack that needed to be turned in.  And to tell him again how much he is loved.  His hair smelled like shampoo and dreams.

We sure have waited a long time to send a kid to kindergarten.  We've made it this far, and the magic of the milestone is not lost on us.  We are delighted to send him, a sort of white-knuckled delight, but still.  We acknowledge the hard work of parenting a child past five, but also clearly recognize the underlying luck.
I oscillated between pride over his readiness to bolt toward the building and wistfulness that he were one who needed to hold back, wanted to hold my hand a minute longer.   I pushed beyond a bunch of messy emotions and let a wave of gratitude wash over me, exhaling one of the shortest prayers I know, Thanks.  I wished him luck as I watched him begin to do the thing he is so plainly made to do.
We took Tolliver out for pancakes, gave him our full attention as he flew the small plane, a gift from Tuck "so you don't miss me too much," precariously close to the syrup.  The afternoon stretched and sagged.  I put away groceries and ran a few miles and folded some laundry, checked the clock more than I should have, wondering what he was working on.  Andy kept busy braising short ribs for chili, the lunch Tuck requested we pack for his first day but agreed to for the second.

When it was time to retrieve him I bent over again, inhaled the scent of new beginnings, of sweat and sharpened pencils and even bigger dreams than the ones his body held this morning.


Jason Holton said...

Good thing he's going to kindergarten finally, cause "apple" is not the answer! ; ) (cc)

Poppy John said...


He is holding a picture of a "kapple". It is a new fruit variety grown here in West Virginia.
FYI, being a "bully" or picking on the other kids isn't cool any more...and remember, I'm the Poppy who still wins the vast majority of his bar fights. "How you like them apples?"

K burris said...

I still get tears in my eyes whenever I see a child boarding a school bus...whether it's my granddaughter or a total stranger. It is both heart wrenching and exhilarating to let them go out into the big, real world. It's like releasing a butterfly in the wind...lots of fluttering and then...whoosh, off it goes.

rht said...

The expressions on Tuck's face in the pictures you've shared tell the story of the day, and I am glad he was smiling on the way home. ;>

Christy said...

I don't know that I will do as well as you at holding back my emotions. It's probably a good thing Kelvin is taking her and I will be welcoming junior high students that morning. Tucker looks like he is so pleased. :)