hardwiring happy

The brain is primarily shaped by what we pay attention to.
1.  fan from Andy's grandpa, rewired and #cool
2.  reading on the go
3.  hot air ballons
4.  birds #columbuszoo
5.  hotcakes and goldbug
6.  a few of the stickers made it onto the birthday card

7.  birthday annex #betzcousins
8.  chaperoning Sebastian
9.  not letting go of summer
10.  Burr Oak beach
11.  morning
12.  bug journal

13. third & hollywood 
14. dunk tank rules
15.  columbus + houston = cleveland
16.  #becauseshelived
17.  hanging on to hot days
18.  flower shopping for friends

19.  work to do at the miracle center
20.  hold the phone #gmc
21.  swim trunks and knee socks
22.  pink balloon blowing through the back yard
23.  savoring slow mornings
24.  #bunappetit

25.  first day
26.  four ears must mean he's a really good listener  #letshope
27.  survived, and loved it
28.  fresh strawberry muffins
29.  taste of New Albany
30.  Inglis on Cambridge

31.  not often he gets tired of digging
32.  jello shots with spoons #pinkiesout
33.  church
34.  church


rht said...

34 positive attention-getters in a lesser number of days!

Christy said...

That's the stuff life is made of. :)