take it or leave it

Tolliver is due for his first haircut.  Overdue, perhaps.

When we suggest a trip to the barber shop, his response is always the same, swift and steadfast.
No thank you, I'm not ready to take a haircut.

In the bathtub and at the pool, and on days that are really humid, his hair looks great.  It curls up into tight little ringlets and doesn't hang over his forehead into his eyes.
Other days, most days, it looks a mess, ratty and unkept.
Every day it reminds me of his sister.

I think we're going to leave it for awhile.


rht said...

I love those curls....

The Wendels said...

Love those curls almost as much as I love that little boy and his sister too!

Mandy Galati said...

So sweet!

Kristy G said...

His hair is perfect! <3