1.  we were all there in the woods #ashcave
2.  belated birthday hike #cedar falls
3.  nut cracker
4.  the letter T
5.  flowers for grammy
6.  obligatory big red tub
7.  throwing rocks
8.  snake charmer #wildwonderful

9.  wake up and smell
10.  chili cook-off childcare
11.  egg hunt
12.  "everybody look at daddy!"  #nailedit
13.  brother goodbyes
14.  snake number two (found in the stroller)
15.  #betzboys "cheers"
16.  the help #nutgranola

17.  as seen in columbus #tigertree
18.  pennant class product via @jnferris
19.  hofbrauhaus
20.  nurses in art #cma
21.  aching with grief and misting with gratitude
22.  eight bins, several friends, one bottle
23.  spring is such a show off
24.  president of the coalition of the unwilling

25.  the most difficult thing #earhart
26.  mulch mountain
27.  donut cake
28.  he got spring's memo: grow
29.  boys and worms have a proud history of pairing up
30.  kiai!
31.  bananas float
32.  after school read aloud

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