Treating cabin fever

We visited Hocking Hills this week as a belated part of Tuck's sixth birthday.  We were there for several days, time for cinnamon rolls and s'mores, for hikes and naps and card games, for cracking nuts and splitting firewood.  And for climbing.
The boys are of an age, and a curiosity level, that means someone is always suddenly too high up on a rock.  Or in a tree.  And the trip is the kind that creates eight days worth of dirty clothes and a constant need for coffee.  Or whiskey.  The effort is worthwhile though, because outside the brothers never fail to find magical worlds, real and imagined, and to run across craggy interstices where they tend to fall into the finest sibling friendship.


rht said...

Fourth one down did me in!

Sara Sheets said...

HHs should be billed as Natures Wonderland Park. Best spot on earth! Need to get back. Glenlaurel is callng!! Photons paradise! Nice pics!!