growing brothers

Somebody said I had children because I wanted children, not adults.
But that's what happens when we’re lucky, they grow up.

Growth and loss are woven together with pride and joy from the moment of physical separation at birth through every milestone passed.

I tell myself again and again, when they're pouring milk or adding numbers or auditioning for the same role as most irritable sibling: This is the way it’s supposed to go, remind myself that gratitude is the appropriate response.

And instead of worrying about them growing up, I find myself wishing lately, more than anything, that they just don't grow apart, find myself petitioning the universe for my boys to always be friends.

I'm doing my best to spin a web of love so sticky that it covers both of them with a million trails to each other.  And a million trails back home, duh.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Is that a cast on Tolliver's arm A-N-D leg?

What happened..."brotherly" fight?


Mike Smith said...

someone told me, [maybe it was just a whisper in the wind]that these kids, all of these kids sit up in heaven w/ God and looks down on us and they choose us to be there parent. it's the sweetest thing i ever heard, after Samantha was diagnosed w/ [incl] batten,when she was a little over 2. I do not know who told me and I cannot find it anywhere in the Bible. But I Believe.