to answer a few questions

No, we are not looking for another "T" name.  That was an accident with the boys.
We've only ever used family names -- Celia Eleanor, Thomas Everett, James Tolliver -- and we hope to land on another one that celebrates heritage.
Recognizing that we still have six months to decide, here are some we are currently considering:

Ambrose, Alwyn, Blazer, Charles, Cecil, Hanley, Herbert, Holton, Gabriel, Neil, Wetherholt

Also, Tucker wrote "Morgen" on the running list, and Tols asked us to write "not Poop."

Yes, we wished fleetingly for a girl.  We would have called her Nelle.  But we are just so glad the baby is healthy. And we realize it might be hard for another daughter to grow up in the shadow of a dead sister.

I feel good.  Maybe not as good as I did nine years ago, when I was much younger and had no summer obligations other than taking Colby for an occasional walk.  Certainly, though, nothing has been worth complaining about.  (Aside from waiting for tests results - that was rough.)
I would like to reserve the right to intermittently sound off about how tired or sore or fat I am feeling, but it should be a given that no matter what I say, more than anything I am feeling fortunate and excited and very, very grateful.


Kate said...

Wyn Betz. Done.

Andy and Jenni said...

Sister. Chopped liver.

rht said...

Joyce says any name that you choose will be perfect. We just renamed Clark Lake -- Duck Butt Pond. Please tell Tollie.

Kristy G said...

Those names are all lovely, just as long as it's "not poop"! That had me laughing out loud at work!