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For weeks leading up to the trip, Tollie asked all sorts of question about You Nork, an error so endearing I refused to correct it.

The mispronunciation turned out to be not all that remained of his babyhood.  He fell asleep everywhere, in taxis, on the airplane, in the stroller, on the metro.  As excited as he was to ride all the things, he could not stay awake. The only time he did not sleep was after 5am every morning.
So as the sun came up over the city, we visited playgrounds.  Coffee shops and playgrounds.  We found several in Brooklyn and in Battery Park and Union Square.  The boys' favorite was the Billie Johnson part of Central Park, with the granite slide.
They were also intrigued by dinosaur bones and gemstones at the Museum of Natural History, enjoyed building miniature Millennium Falcon Lego figures, were impressed by the size of the ostrich eggs at the farmer's market, became adept at subway etiquette, got to go to the top of the Bloomberg building with our friend Mandy, were treated to pizza several times throughout the city and loved the donuts at cousin Judd's reception.
Tucker, on the subway in Manhattan: Hey Mom, do you have a pencil? If I change this first letter here where somebody wrote on my seat, I can make it say my name!
Tolliver, near tears, on wearing suspenders and a tie:  I just don’t like to look handsome.  Looking handsome makes all the girls like me, and I don’t want the girls to like me.  I just want to look awesome. 
Because we were there for a family wedding, we were surrounded by willing sitters and were still able to sneak away to see shows.  Hamilton, a mix of hip-hop and history, is sure to win all the Tonys next year, and Fun Home won most of them last year.  Both musicals were fabulous.
The boys are already asking about a return trip...

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Kristy G said...

Well, did you give T the stinkin' pencil or what?!