October's phone

1.  ready for rain
2.  bike riding buddies via @coyle9777
3.  milkshakes for the win
4.  fireplace season
5.  hydrangeas in October
6.  one dollar, thirty minutes, twenty laps
7.  first grade orchard trip
8.  getting Kinky! via @mollyholstein

9.  granite slide
10.  Littlefield reception #donutlovesbagel
11.  lady liberty
12.  Brooklyn snack & chat
13.  #boxseats
14.  Bloomberg view
15.  sandbox in Central Park
16.  hip hop + history = all the tonys

17.  Laughlin's Bakery
18.  new Legos (thanks, Ben Jay)
19.  House Wine enthusiasts
20.  #battlingbattendisease via @mkstahlohio
21.  this grill is on fire
22.  conservatory date
24.  he is here, and she is not

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

When I enlarged and looked at picture #19 (House Wine enthusiasts)...I thought Tucker on the far left was a childhood David Letterman...check it out. However, Tolliver looks nothing like Paul Shaffer in any of the pictures...maybe Rod and Jan can work with him. (?)


Andy and Jenni said...

You're right, Dad, Tuck does look a little like Letterman. Would have made a good Halloween costume!