golden boy

Tucker will turn seven on March 7th, making this his "golden birthday."
While I imagined gold balloons and shiny place settings, he immediately translated the theme to mean the element Au on the periodic table.
Tuck wanted to do science experiments and to build things.
And he wanted his cake to look like a real gold bar, so the baker used edible 24K leaf.

We partied a little early, hoping to help him feel well-celebrated before his littlest brother arrives.
Under the direction of a master TINKERer, guests shaped gold wire onto plaques and designed golden trophies and made sparkly slime and shiny pet nuggets.


rht said...

What a great party! We so enjoyed tinkering with Tucker and his friends.

Kristy G said...

Happy early birthday Tucker!

Susan Kadlac said...

Happy early birthday to Tucker! He is a gold nugget, for sure!
Hope Baby Boy #3 arrives before or after March 7.

Maya's Curls said...

Happy Early birthday Tucker!!! We are so sad we couldn't come Tinker but we can't wait to come play soon and help mommy with Baby Boy #3!!! Love you all 😘😘😘😘

Maya's Curls said...

Those are kiss faces not ? Marks!!!