random good things

We saw a grown up movie over the weekend.  Like at the theater.

Tollie wore the same shirt four days in a row, a neon green swimming top.  It got washed once during that time.

The boys played nicely together, a game around a wooden block city.  The garbage truck accidentally hit and killed the mayor, who had actually already been shot and killed not long ago, on Presidents Day.  I overheard Tucker tell Tollie that it'd be okay, that the mayor would go to extra heaven.  I interrupted to ask for clarification.  Well, when you die in heaven, you get to go on to the next one.  It’s even better. 

At Andy's birthday lunch with family, Tollie ate the slice on his plate, and then stretched his fork toward the middle of the table and straight into the remaining cake.  I guess everything is fair game when you're four.

Andy texted from work recently about feeling excited to meet this baby, about this time being different.  I hadn't given it much thought, but he's right:  The minute we were discharged with Tucker we drove directly to the lab at Children's hospital, watched them prick his heel, and settled in for a weeklong wait, wondering if he would die.  With Tols it was a different kind of waiting.  Early on we learned he was well, but as he was on his way into this world his sister was on her way out.  Our joy was mixed with tremendous sadness.  Things are good this time, and it feels like they may only get better.

We spent part of one weekend afternoon at the park.  Tollie wore his swim shirt, and none of the boys wore a coat.

The four of us ended up on the couch at one point, watching Superbowl commercials.  Tollie commented about how special it was for all of us to be sitting down together.  He's right, that's definitely a rare occurrence.

That morning Andy and I sat on the same couch and watched three uninterrupted episodes of something mindless on Netflix.  I'm not sure that's ever happened before.

Earlier in the week Tuck had asked for the ingredients to make a treat for Andy, a white chocolate Chex mix he'd discovered at Christmas.  He took some of the mixture to his grandparents, who asked about how he made it.
He said we just mixed a bunch of random good things.
Kind of like the past few days.

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