Our Best

People keep asking: What are you going to do with three boys?
I haven't been sure how to respond, until recently, when I offhandedly said: Our best.


Kristy G said...

And stay "beautifully busy". XOXO

Andy and Jenni said...

I was near tears when Andy had to leave for work last night, Kristy. Grateful for Sara's words, and patient vibes from both of you!

Tommie said...

What an awesome response. Any combination of children can be hard but they're also all blessings.

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

If it gets to be too much, send the boy you "least like" to Poppy John...you pick. I've got a few good years left and would enjoy it!

On second thought...maybe we should just start with a long weekend. (?)