the science guy

Tuck woke up this morning and as he rubbed sleep from his eyes, the first thing he said was Mom, what's an ion?

Even his dreams are made of atoms.
He spends lots of time looking through books of experiments, and borrows more about molecules from the library.  He asks regularly to make potions, and if we aren't able to supervise right at that moment, he makes lists instead, things he'd like to mix together - 409, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, sugar, vaseline and vinegar...

Several days ago Hank and I came downstairs to a predawn kitchen and found Andy and Tuck working on an electromagnet.
Tolliver sat on a stool nearby eating cereal, and explained: They used batteries and a wire and it magneted things. Paper clips but not pennies.
The boys recently watched videos about the explosive risks of sodium mixing with water.  Tucker's plan is to find a pilot who will fly him over a lake and let him drop the chemical into water from far away.

He sciences the heck out of stuff.  And I wonder what it all means.
I know what it does not mean: it probably does not mean that he will grow up and run a meth lab, or that he will grow up and go to M.I.T.
It might mean that I better be ready to talk electrons over scrambled eggs tomorrow morning...


rht said...

I love everybody's expression in that last picture. Good thing you taught science and that Andy knows a lot about home experiments! ;>

Jan Betz said...

We still have Andy's senior year chemistry project that "missed" being turned in. Maybe Tuck can figure out what is growing in that 10+year old bottle?