Tollie talks. A lot. (Where would he have learned that?)

You know, we wouldn’t have to take out the compost if we had a pet raccoon. 

Using a magnifying glass: Lemme just zoom in on this.

Let’s have hugging time, every single hour.  {Sign me up.}

Yuck. My sneeze took the wrong hole out. 

What if there was a taco-dile?!  Like a crocodile, but with a taco shell body and avocados for legs and sour cream toes...

Hank just did a booger check on me. 
Me: Where would he have learned that?
Booger school.

Describing "four bad things about being a baby" :: can’t chew gum, no new lego sets, have to take naps, dirty diapers
"Good things too" :: yogurt bites, get to try new things all the time, everyone thinks you're cute, can knock things over without getting in trouble

Lamenting the trials of being five: It's not fair that Tucker went through six and seven already. 

Every single cat in the whole universe loves bacon.  I know because at Poppy's house, Pawley eats it. 

Discussing a smashed bug on the van window:
It’s a tiger beetle. I can tell because it’s green and yellow. Emerald green. But it’s dead. 
Tuck: They only live in Australia. Or Africa. Not here, anyway. They could migrate though. I bet it’s a dung beetle.
Tollie: Dung is poop.  There's not poop on the van.

Knocking down structures or coloring on brother's homework or forgetting to be quiet, and at least eighteen times a day:  Well, I didn’t meant to.


Kristy G said...

I love every bit of this! Sometimes I wish we had a pet raccoon too Tollie, because taking out the compost is no fun when its raining or snowing, or just plain being Ohio.

At first glance I thought Tucker was holding him in that position. You've got yourself a handful :)

rht said...

Sign me up for all the hugging times!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

"A hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away."


Christen said...

After a long day, I needed a smile today! Thanks, Tollie! (And, Jenni, for sharing!)

Andy and Jenni said...

In the grocery today Tollie reminded me that we needed cheese. When we got to the cheese aisle he asked what kind.
me: "Swiss"
T: "Which one is Swiss?"
me: "the one with holes in it"
T: "You mean like cartoon cheese?"
me: "Yes buddy... like cartoon cheese."
And now we call it cartoon cheese.